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This is about 1930 looking eastward on Hector Street from the corner. The house on the left has since been replaced by a newer one. The space from the small tree to this house was where the Ellis House was situated.

This was the scene at the end of Hector Street, looking toward the Lake. There are some homes here now and the scene has many more trees around the lake. The old wooden fences are, of course, no longer there, but the view is still a beautiful one.

This was the scene looking down the "Shore Hill" post marked 1907. Note the boardwalk all the way to the shore, which is not there now, the cupola on the first house on the left is now gone, and the second house burned in the 1950's and has been replaced by a new one. There are a few new houses towards the shore, most of this scene remains the same.

Cove Street thanks to Bryan Smith-
A view of Cove Street, post marked 1913, from the top of the hill, note the boardwalk all the way to the shore area, the ladies with their long skirts on their way down the hill. the last house that can be seen on the right was torn down just this year (2002). Same description as previous postcard.

This was the scene looking down the "Shore Hill" in about 1950. Slightly different angle and date than last one. It clearly shows the cupola on the first house is missing. The boardwalk is still there in this picture. This is, of course "A Voice In The Desert" from the reverse angle.

This was the scene looking up the "Shore Hill" in about 1909. The verandah on the first house on the left is missing as well as the one on the third house on the left, the down hill part. Note the tall flag pole on the lawn of the second house from the left and of course the boardwalk on the right. The first house on the left was my Great Grandfather's, Comfort Lewis.

This scene is from the hill on the shore road looking towards Charles Street. All the houses on Charles Street can be seen, as well as the attachment of barns to Great Grandfather Lewis' house (first on the left going up the hill). The Ellis house tower can be seen as well as the back of a lot of houses on Main Street. This was taken in the early 1900's.

This is a private postcard mailed in 1906 showing my Great Grandfather, Comfort Lewis and Mr. A Crocker with the Day's rabbit hunting bounty (54 in all) The log cabin was on the lawn between the first and second houses on the left in the two pictures back picture.

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