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This is a scene, post marked 1911, showing Darlings Lake around the early 1900's. The Church can be seen as well as "The Anchorage" known as "Churchill Mansion" today on the hill on the far left. This is taken from the road to Short Beach.

Thanks to Bryan Smith
This is a scene, post marked 1909, and identified by the sender as Darling Lake, although not as good as Ethel's that was taken from a different house. I am not sure of the location or buildings in this photo.

This is a scene showing Darlings Lake with not much to tell the date, probably in the early 1900's. Except for the windmill and a rock "bridge" built out to the island, one can see the same scene today.

This is a scene showing a road, which is believed to be the road going by Darlings Lake heading toward Yarmouth. "The Anchorage" would be on the hill to the right and the lake on the left. This is probably in the 1920's judging by the car on the road.

This is a scene showing "The Anchorage" as seen coming from Yarmouth probably aound the mid 1920's. Note the nicely kept hedges. Darlings Lake would be on the right side of this picture.

This is a Black and white shetch of Churchill Mansion by A Rhyno, on a post card format.

Darling Cabins thanks to Wilfred-
This is the Darling Cabins as they appeared in the 1950's, when I was growing up. As well as the cabins, there was a small restraunt, two swimming / fishing docks, boat rental and ice cream. Next picture is a closeup of the menu in the "Snack Shack"

Darling Cabins thanks to Wilfred-
This is the "Snack Shack" Menu as enlarged from the previous postcard. It is not too clear but can give an idea of what was available from the kitchen of the Darling Cabins.

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