Nuevo Amanecer - Update 2011

Preparation for an Outreach
This is a photo of setting up for a clothing / Christmas gift outreach at the new church.

Early Arrivals
The children are starting to arrive at the church. We had seating and a crude sound system that we used to bring to every function at the church. The chairs are borrowed from another church.

The Inside of the Church
This was probably a year or so after building the church as you can see some damage to some of the walls. The neighbourhood children like to play here when there is no services, thus, they sometimes fall through the walls and throw stones through the walls as well. Matias was trying to teach them not to do those things and had succeeded to some extent.

The Singing Begins
Poncho and Matias watch as the children start with some games and singing.

The Message Begins
This shows the children and their mothers gathering to hear the Christmas message.

The Children Gather at the Entrance
This shows the children gathered for the message, but also shows a glimpse of the homes across the street. The large tanks or metal drums are for water. The larger home is the one that we borrowed power from for these services.

The Entrance from the Front
This shows the children gathered at the front of the church and shows the front of the church.

Some of the Clothing
This shows the preparations inside the church for the clothing outreach, as well as the speaker giving the message before it all starts.

The Children Await
The children and parents await for the give away to begin. These photos in this section span a three year period.

Children gathered for the Outreach

A Regular Church Service

Javier Talking with the Children

Regular Church Service

Couldn't Resist Including This One

Javier and Poncho Lead the Children in a Song

Song Continues

Children Clapping to the Song

Javier Still Singing

Javier and Poncho

Doing an Action Song

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