Nuevo Amanecer - Update 2011

Painting the Boards
I painted the boards that we were going to use as a frame for the lamina (thick tar paper that is wavy) with old engine oil. This was to stop the bugs from eating the wood.

Delivering the Oiled Boards
Our truck delivering the boards to the construction site.

Matias Starts the Work
We used the truck as a staging for putting the boards on the church. This and the next few shots will give an idea as to the size of the church. The truck is an F250 crew cab diesel.

Larry gets His Turn
Essentially the same photo showing Larry hard at work.

Poncho and His Helpers
Work goes on as Poncho tries his hand at construction. He did get a little help on his shift.

Matias and Poncho Near the End of the First Day
This is getting near the end of the first day of construction as Matias and Poncho finish off the second side of the roof.

Matias Starts the Lamina on the Roof
This is putting the lamina on the roof. It is fastened with ficha(small round aluminum discs) and nails.

Matias at The Peak of His Work
This shows the lamina and ficha with the gorgeous mountains for a back drop.

One Side Nearly Done
This is a photo of the nearly completed first side.

Matias and Poncho Prepare to do the Second Side of the Roof
This shows getting the lamina to the roof to prepare to install it.

Second Side is Started
Matias is the only one allowed on the roof, as it will probably only support one at a time. The ground crew could do some of the nailing once Matias had placed the lamina.

Closeup of the Helpers
There always seemed to be lots of children who wanted to help. This shows two of them.

On to the Walls
We worked down the side, across the back, and then up the last side.

Matias and Poncho working the Back
Poncho and Matias were putting the top layer of laminate on the building while I and the guy (can't remember his name) in the previous picture were going along behind them doing the lower level.

A View from the Inside
This shows the lamina going on the back. It also shows the two double plugs and switsh going to the ceiling light that I had installed earlier. The system was run by an extansion cord from a neighbour across the street, so I had installed a male plug that was used to plug into the extension cord with.

Ceiling Lights Installed
This shows the lighting that I had installed in the ceiling earlier. This was a big help as they had used a clamped light before and the congregation could not see to read their bibles.

Nearing Completion
This shows the sides nearly finished.

Working to Complete the Back
This shows the lamina nearly finished on the lower level of the back.

Finishing the Front
This shows installation of the top of the front of the church. It was left open to accomidate the large number that attended here.

Showing the Whole Building
This shows what the building looks like nearing completion.

Different Angle
Building from another angle.

Completed Building
This is the building as we needed it at that time. Lamina lasts four to five years usually. Matiias had told me that in five years this church would have grown enough for a more permanent building or would have no people attending and would have been rotted away.

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