Nuevo Amanecer - Update 2011

The Church at Nuevo Amanecer - Our first look
This is the church at Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) which is a new barrio on the outer edge of Alamos, Mexico. This is how it looked in December 2004. I could not imagine at this time how dear this place would become for us. We have been blessed many times over with our ministry here.

Our First Outreach at Nuevo Amanecer Begins With Songs
This shows Matias, Josephina and Javier teaching the children some christian action songs. Notice that there in an old amp and speaker on the back of the truck and you can see the extension cord that we ran from a neighbour across the road.

First Outreach Continues With Games
This is a shot of that same outreach showing Matias joining in on the game with Poncho and Javier leading the song and Josephina getting a well earned rest.

First Outreach - Time for Refreshment
This shows refreshment time. It may have well been the first pop that these children had for quite some time. This also shows Poncho's truck, nicknamed Lazarus because it didn't always like to start, so we joked that we had to raise it from the dead anytime it was needed.

Gift Time
Shirley on the back of our truck, reaching into the bag of gifts as John, Poncho and the children await.

Gift Time Continues
This shows Josephina and Javier at the side of the truck and some of the children with their gifts. Shirley looks like she has finished her job on the truck and is enjoying the view of the happy children.

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