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Friday, January 12, 2007

Our first update from Mexico for 2007

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for checking our site

I guess it is busy is as busy does, we have tried to slow down this year as we seem to be more tired than usual and have succeeded in not going out most evenings but the days seem to fly as there is something scheduled almost every day and if there is not there is always housework or someone dropping in. But that is what we are here for and we can slow down when we get home in a couple of months.

Some of our work here like the outreaches and the Sunday School are starting to wind down while others like the computer teaching at the school and in the camper and another church we would like to help are just starting and of course the dispenseas go on the whole time we are here.

The camper is still not empty of your donations as God has not told us where some of the things are to go but they will all be gone by the time we leave which at this time is slated to be March 5th. Some days we wonder where the winter has gone and others we feel like we have been here forever.

It has so far not been as hot a winter as last year and in some ways that is a blessing as the heat is something I can do without while it doesn't bother Larry and yet it also means that the pool is much colder so I have not been in swimming as much so I guess one thing just balances the other.

We hear that the Maritimes so far have had a mild winter and hope it doesn't decide to hit the end of March or first of April when we are just arriving home, it has happened before like last year when we hit a big snow storm in Maine.

Anyway, Larry's pictures as usual tell the story much better than I can, so enjoy

Serving Him in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Larry and Shirley

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