The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!

Anahi, Jonny and Lolita Come to Alamos

This is Anahi, one of the three children fron Rancho Maranatha, that come to Alamos once a week for advanced computer training (Microsoft Office). We will have to accelerate the program this year as we have only six more weeks to try and give them basic skills that they may be able to use later in life.

The Trip Back to the Bus

These children come to Alamos by bus, get taught for several hours, have lunch, and then head back to the Ranch by bus. This is the children loaded up for the trip back to the bus. They sat on the edge for the photo; but, we insist that if they ride on the back of the truck, that they sit in the bottom of the box for the trip.

The Class At The Ranch..

We make the trip to Rancho Maranatha one day a week to teach at the school there, much the same as last year. This year we have two classes of four each, so we have fewer students than last year. There are a total of eleven this year that we will be teaching.

Marilu..Our Last Year's Graduate

This is Marilu, who we taught in our camper in Alamos last year. She is teaching the younger children during the school day. Like in the old schools in Canada she has two grades here and four students. She also attands school one day a week and is trying to finish her high school, so she has much school work to do each week for her education.
The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!