The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!

Alas, The Pastor is in a Jam..

Door jam, that is. Pastor Francisco was in the process of putting in one of the doors when we arrived one day. He is being helped by his father in law, but is never too busy to play the clown by poking his head out through the small window opening in the door. The father in law is holding a board against the hole that the pastor is filling in with cement from the inside.

The Pastor At Work

This photo shows the pastor working on the inside of the Sunday School. He is cementing in the door jams and has our last year's ladder up against the window so that he can get out. We can check out the door in a couple day to make sure it is hung right.

The Pastor Shows Off His New Tool Box..

This tool box and it's new contents were donations from Nova Scotia. I gave this to Francisco and he was overjoyed. He has some tools that he could not even dream about owning and a box to put them in. This would not even begin to satisfy the basic tool kit in Canada, but here, is a treasure trove.

The Supplies Arrive..

This photo shows the one hundred ten bags of Cal, and the twenty bags of cement needed to finish off the roof, floor, and to skim coat the inside and outside of the Sunday School. Thanks to all for your response to our call for funds to finish this project. I think that we will be able to finish this project this year. The pastor came to us a few days ago to tell us that he has been transferred to another church and that his brother in law will be sent here to pastor this church. Francisco has promised to come back every two weeks to keep an eye on this project. He has been sent to a slightly larger church that desperately needed a pastor, so as he said, this is my job, and I go where I am most needed.
The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!