The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!

The Apostolic Chuch

This is a small church, not far from Maria's house. It has about twenty to thirty people that regularly attend, and is your standard cardboard construction, with a metal roof. The pastor and his wife live here with three children in an adobe house on the property. He has to work at odd jobs to try and support his family.

An Inside View

This is the inside of the church, and as can be seen, it could use a little work. We will be going back there soon to see what their priorities are and to see if we can lend a hand.

More Dispensas Given

When we spoke to the pastor, he indicated that there were some needy families going to his church and so we took over four dispensas for the church to distribute. Three to families from the church and one for the pastor. This photo shows the pastor, his wife, and three children, as well as Nelo, who just happened to be passing by and could help us to explain things to the pastor. Nelo has some english.

Clothes, Quilts and Gift Bags

We loaded up the truck again with some clothes, quilts, blankets and gift bags for this trip to the church. We are again blessed by all who donate things for our mission trip. Everything we get, we try to be good stewards of. We pray that you all get blessings for your giving spirits.
The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!