The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!

Our First Glance

Pastor Lorenzo asked us to look at this project. It is located between Navojoa and Obregon, about an hour and a half from Alamos. This is a church in a native village (Mayo, I think) and it has no roof. We were a bit reluctant to go that far as it would be hard for us to administer from Alamos. Lorenzo, Emilano(an interpreter), and the two of us went to look it over. This was our first glance at it. It is a much larger building than we had anticipated, and the roof area is massive.

Mexican Electrical System

I have spoken to many about how things are wired here, so thought that I would take this opportunity to show you this connection. There is a wire coming out of a house, to which somebody has wired in a plug from what appears to be a lamp cord. Then the rest of the lamp cord is plugged into this and runs next door to the church. There it is twisted into another wire and is the church's main supply of electricity. This is typical of how things are wired here. The plug is probably so that they can unplug the power when nobody is around.

Off To The Metal Workers For Pricing

We measured and then went off to the local metal worker to get a price for the roof. This is a photo of his work area. You can always tell a metal worker here by the metal fences, and the metal work around the property. Almost everything that is visible is crafted from metal.

The Three Wise Men Work The Figures

Lorenzo is joined by the pastor of the church and another pastor from Navojoa. They go over what the metal worker has told them and try to figure what other materials are needed for this project. I put this project in just say that this is one that is way beyond what we could do. We quite often are approached to fund this or work on that. We find that we have to go to the Lord for each thing and then try to understand what He is telling us. At the onset, we were concerned with the distance as it is very hard to administer a project here when it is close, but distance makes it even harder. Then the cost in this case was prohibative for our budget. We were also concerned that the work could not be completed in time for us to leave. These and the Lord telling us that this was not part of the work that He had set aside for us to do. It is good when Shirley and I come to the same conclusions about things with not previous discussion, it lets us know that we are being told the same thing by God and gives us a much clearer path to take.
The Half Way Point...It's All Downhill From Here!!