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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our last update from Mexico for 2006

It hardly seems possible that 2006 is almost over but here we are with less than a week left.

Our cold weather and winds of the last week have left and it is beginning to warm up again. I actually got my Christmas day swim in but I must say because of the cold nights that we have had that it had to be equal to one of the colder days swimming in Port Maitland and I didn't stay in too long. Today is much better and as Milano topped up the pool today it brought the water temperature up a few degrees and I actually got in my 20 laps which I needed badly after the food we had at the Fiesta last night.

God has been good to us this year and the outreaches have gone well with great cooperation from the pastors and believe it or not we both seem to have aquired a much better grasp of Spanish so we can usually make ourselves understood.

We wonder sometimes where all the children come from, 200 at the first outreach and 125 this time and we provided Christmas gift bags for the Sunday Schools in three churches along with making Christmas Story coloring books on our computer for three Sunday Schools and providing the crayons to color them. 52 in all and thank you to everyone who provided crayons, colored pencils etc.
We still have a few gift bags left and will be taking some out to Maria's boys along with clothes and food in the next couple of days and the others will not go wanting. We are always (as Beth told us one year) still giving out things the day that we leave. Thanks to all the generous people who have donated so much to us.

It feels good to have a lot of the sorting and gift bagging and larger outreaches behind us and a chance to take a few days to relax a bit as we never seem to know how tired we are until we start to relax.

The New Year brings a trip out to a village on January 2nd with Pastor Lorenzo and a translator to look at a church with no roof and see if we can help there also to have a look at the need for quilts and clothes there (we still have a few tubsfull left it just seems to multiply). Then beginning on January 9th and until we leave in early March we will be teaching three of the older children from Maranatha Microsoft Office at our camper one day a week and spending another at the ranch with the younger children continuing our basic keyboarding course that is now in it's fourth year. That hardly seems possible.
As this is our last year in Mexico we want to leave as many of the children as possible with some computer knowledge.

As you can see by the pictures the glasses are still very popular and what we have left we will leave with someone who is capable of giving them out properly.
As you can also see we got to enjoy some of the great Mexican food and also a camper family Christmas dinner. Needless to say we all ate too much of the wonderful food and we have great memories of the community of nations dinner. All ages were here from early 20's to 70's and we had a great time together instead of everyone eating alone in their campers. We thank Dewey and Debbie for the idea and Mike and Joan for the use of their campsite and fireplace. Just a wonderful ending to a wonderful year.

May you all have a safe and Happy New Year

Serving Him in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Larry and Shirley

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