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A Full Campground

This year we had more campers in this campground than we had ever seen. They ranged from the big yellow conversion truck to a tent. We had people from New Zealand, Germany, England, Arizona, British Columbia, Oregon, California, Mexico, and, of course, Nova Scotia. The food matched the variety of people.

The Chefs at Work

Chef Mike and souschef Dewy prepare the barbeque with ribs, chicken and dove kabobs. We had a variety of hors d'oeuvres, salads, and other things. The meal ended off with some crepes, cupcakes, and squares (American translation bars)

The Meal

This is the gang sitting at the tables, enjoying the spread. We had a lot of food left over, which meant that everyone ate their fill. A real way to enjoy the season with friends. Is that the star of the east shining above the celebration.
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