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Pastor Francisco and Family

This is a shot out in the yard after the one and a half hour service. We were supposed to be at the Assembly of God on Friday and the Armour of God on Saturday; but Shirl caught a bit of a bug and we didn't get to them. We did get to the Church of God on Sunday and this is a photo of Pastor Francisco, Luz, his mother and father and their son, daughter and son-in-law taken just as the food was being served.

A Rare Shot

Luz took this photo of Shirl and I at the table while we were eating. Tomallis, munito (tripe soup), tacos, and many other goodies were served up, along with the thick drink made with corn flour and chocolate.

The Children's Piņata

There was the children's piņata, always a big hit. Then came the...

The Adult's Piņata

Could this be Shirley taking a swing at a piņata?? I also got a turn at it...great fun.

The Two Amigos

These two boys show up at the church every time I go there, and always want their photos taken, this night was no exception. Many children love to have their photos taken and then immediately ask to see themselves on the little screen at the back of the camera.

Milano Was There

Milano provided the praise music for the service, and was there with his wife and Nancy. I was a little surprised when he introduced me to his mother. I got this shot and will print a copy for both he and his Mom in a few days. He has become a very special friend and will be missed when we leave here.
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