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The Camper...Before

This shows the totes and bags of clothing that we extracted from the camper. Remember that the inside still has stuff there and that the under camper storage area is full of gift bags for the children.

The Truck at the Ready.....

I packed the truck, both inside and out on Friday to take the things to the Church in Nueva Creation and set them out in preparation for Saturday night.

Preparations are Made...

Pastor Nestor, Lily, and family, as well as a volunteer from the church are there to help us set up. The clothes are all laid out and the gift bags are made ready.

Genesis Tries to Make an Exodus..

Genesis, one of Shirley's best friends..tries to hide under the table...but I caught her...

The Crowd Assembles

The people started to come, about two hundred children and one hundred adults...even some took a ladder and climbed to the roof top at the back. Food was sold to help raise money for the church, some was given to those who could not afford to buy.

Nestor Gives a Message and Reads the Christma Story From Luke

Pastor Nestor gave a message about how the greatest gift ever was Jesus against a backdrop that says "Welcome Visitors, Jesus Christ is the Lord of Alamos Sonora and Mexico& and then read the message from Luke (Chapter 1 and 2, see 2004-2005 from our menu, then click One Busy Day in the Mission Field, then Luke Chapter 1 and 2 should you want to take the time this busy season to what CHRISTmas is all about), then the band took over for two and a half hours while .....

We Gave Out Gift Bags

We gave out nearly 200 gift bags on this night, each containing a hand knit item, some scribblers (note books to our USA readers), pencils, pens, erasers, and of course, a toy or two. Thanks to all who helped by givng us these items, may God bless you more than we are blessed as we give these thing out.

Clothing Given to Those in Need...

It started out with women with babies, then five women at a time were brought into the area, each could take five things and one blanket or quilt.

Nestor Counts Items as People Leave the Church.

Nestor checked that each person as they left the area had their quota or less. I didn't see one violation the whole evening.

Praise The Lord

The evening ended with a resounding praise the Lord from Nestor and Shirley. Then came a prayer time and we then all departed to our homes, very tired after a busy day.
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