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The Pastor...Framed...

This is how we found Pastor Francisco spending his wee...or two...two weeks ago. He and a helper had finished the walls and the cement beams and were, within a day of this photo, preparing to pour a roof on Sunday morning...more on that as we go down this page..also of note is the fact that the ladder we presented the church with last year was very much in use on this project.

The Building on Friday..

This is the Pastor's helper outside the new Sunday School. It will house approximately 40 children in two 10 x 10 foot rooms. We will be able to supply enough for the building; but, as of now will not be able to skim coat, pour a floor, and supply doors and windows. The Pastor's roof in his kitchen / living / dining room is metal and leaking badly from holes. He will not allow a replacement for himself until he can get a Sunday School for his church. We have supplied him with a couple of tubes of silicone and some flashing (thank you Edith for your donation of this) to patch the holes in his roof until something more can be done.

The Ramp to The Roof

The Pastor called on the men of the church to show up at 6:00 AM to pour the roof. This had to be done on a Sunday as most of the men work a six day week. This is a Ramp he had going up to the roof. The men would go up this ramp carring five gallon pails of cement on their shoulders. This is about twelve by twenty four foot roof three inches thick. When we arrived at 8:45 AM they had finished. About fifteen to twenty showed up for the event and made short work of it. Sunday service in this church is at 5:00PM so there was no conflict there. When I arrived the workers were enjoying a breakfast of oranges and water; but, all grabbed an empty pail and posed on the ramp for me. Unfortunately I had the wrong setting on my camera and actually missed the shot, so this shows the men leaving the ramp.

Some of the Work Crew

I actually took this shot from the top of the ramp, all the guys insisted that I must go up the ramp..a few steps closer to heaven I guess; but, I needed to be closer to God walking up this. Larry does heights...again.

The Crew in Larry Hazlett's Shirts

As a bonus, I gave each one who worked on the church a shirt donated by Larry Hazlett from the church in Carthage, Missouri. They had to, of course, pose in these as well; but,

They Returned ...with Wives

When some of the guys saw the shirts, they got theirs and then disappeared, only to show up as we were leaving, with their wives, who also received shirts. So next time you are in the area, look for Hazlett's Casual Dining shirts and you find one of this work crew. Milano, who is the gardener in the camp ground, goes to this church and was part of the work crew here.

Milano as Praise Singer

During all the festivities here, Milano and some friends gave prise to the Lord in song. Here he is pictured leading the people in some choruses.
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