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Victor Again

This is Victor modeling a sweater and touque set that we received from a knitter in Newfoundland. This photo was taken at the same time as the other in the last update; but, we wanted to show off this sweater set a bit. May God bless all our knitters who provided us with many items this year. We seem to collect up the blessings by seeing the end result; but, pray that these updates are a blessing to all who read them.

Josephina and Her Amigo Jeranimo

Josephina came and told us about her friend Jeranimo, who is going to high school in Alamos. His mother has died and his father doesn't see him often. Mexican Social services gives him a home and food, but no extras. He is from Mesa Colodara and is a Huatijelo native. He had one set of clothing, so we were able to give him something to wear on clothes washing days (roughly translates into more clothing) and a Spanish Bible, as he is Christian and could not afford to buy one.

The Story of Many Glasses...

Pastor Francisco and his wife Luz came to our camper one day for some glasses. He went home and returned a few days later for more. He said that his (Christian) brother had tried his on and could see pretty good with them, so he gave them to him, and also did we have a pair to fit the secretary of the church, who had previously been sharing a pair with him. You guessed it, a few days later he came back, again with no glasses. He had given away the pair that we had given him, so needed another pair.
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