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Monday November 27th,2006

Hola to all the people who follow our adventures for God in Mexico,

I just read what Larry had written and the pictures he put up and have very little to add to the great job that he has done.

We thank God that we are safely back in Mexico again and meeting with now what are becoming old friends, it seems such a short time ago that it was all so strange to us and as Rolly said we were really stepping out of our comfort zone and now it almost seems like coming home, although we do sorely miss our family and friends.

We again have found that you can't outgive God as we have the same beautiful spot to relax and swim in this year as we had last, even the same site. I get in the water almost every afternoon as it reaches 30C in the camper and after a Nova Scotia summer that is hot!!!!!! This campground only has about 15 sites of which three are occupied and because we are here for so long is only costing us about $72.00 Canadian a week which is a little more than last year but we do have wireless internet which is not great at the moment but is usable most of the time and with Skype we are able to contact our family and friends in Canada and the US.

We have our 400 gift bags made up and ready for the two outreaches we have scheduled on the 9th and 16th of December and some for two of the churches that have Sunday Schools. One of the churchs has 40 children and no place for them to meet so a lot of your funds are going to build a Sunday School this year. We were again overwhelmed by the donations that came in this summer and will never be able to thank everyone enough. Just hope that these pictures and the ones to follow will be a bit of a Thank you.

Thought you also might enjoy seeing some of our summer and our trip to Mexico so have included that in this update.

As you can see even without the projects really starting yet the last seven weeks have been busy and it takes a while to just get set up and begin to find out where you put things.

We will be in touch again after the outreaches with pictures of them and the progress on the Sunday School.

Serving Him in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

Larry and Shirley

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