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An Family Drops in for Shoes

I was sorting shoes a few days back when two workers from the camp ground happened by and I gave them shoes for themselves and their families. Then, a day later, this family group of about ten or twelve dropped by for some shoes, then......

A Bigger group Dropped by

Within a few minutes, another larger group dropped by. We were surprised by this event; but, apparently, word was spreading like wildfire. Three hours later...

It Seemed the Whole Town Turned up

We looked up and there were fifty or more coming in at one time. We had to tell them come back another day. We did have the opportunity to give tracts and a few Bibles to some of the people; but, it was a very hard day, which, by the way was repeated the next day and a third day we had to drive the shoes to a spot outside the camping park. We worked three hours for three straight days on nothing but shoes, giving out over four hundred pairs of shoes and socks. We still have about a hundred pairs left , mostly small sizes to do us the rest of the season.

A Special Pair of Shoes

This is Victor, a little boy who cannot digest food. He has been well over a year trying to get an operation here in Mexico, but they cannot do it. John is trying to arrange for him to go to the USA for a much needed operation. His family spends most of their income to try to help him and on medications. John brought him to us for shoes; but, we gave him some toys for him and his family, a handknit sweater / touque set and a few other things to help him. This is what it is all about!!! The others are needy, but this family is desperate, and we were able to contribute a little to help improve their lives and show them a small sampling of God's love for us all.
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