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Mileano Sings Praise Songs

Mileano, the gardener here, invited us over for the evening. He invited the neighbourhood in, sang praise songs, put on the Billy Graham Crusade, which lasted an hour and a half, then preached a short sermon, then served the meal. These neighbours were mostly not Christian, so this was a real act of faith and a real witness to his community.

The Ladies in the Kitchen

This is a photo of the ladies in the kitchen as they were preparing the meal. They worked hard and probably spent the week's food budget on this one meal.

The Meal is Served

The ladies took the meal to the table a few bowls at a time. We, being the guests from furtherest away, were served first. People would come and get their coffee and soup and take them to a chair to eat them, then the next group would come. Mileano went out for a night of solitude and prayer after this event. The crusade lasted for three nights and covered all Mexico, with viewers in the millions each night. Similar scenes took place over the entire country as this crusade was a big event on Mexican TV. Did I mention that the whole thing was in Spanish? It was another night of God teaching us lessons. How much more we have to learn!!!!
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