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Our Camper at Lyle and Yvonne's, near Oshawa

We decided to take a bit more time getting here this year; but, as usual I did not get photos of our first stops. We left home on Thanksgiving Day (thank you Pastor Dale and Sherry for Thanksgiving dinner, which we enjoyed on St John wharf) and then on to Ottawa. We visited with Theo and Judy for a few days, then I got to do a presentation at Castor Valley Baptist Church, just outside of Ottawa that Sunday. It was the church where I first came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior; but, it was also our thirteenth anniversary. We attended a pot luck at Bobby's house, then on to Oshawa to visit and spend the night with Lyle and Yvonne. This is a couple that we have just met through our new neighbour, Donna. We had a great turkey dinner and some great fellowship as well. Then, it was on to Stephen (my son who lives in London, Ontario) to spend a few days with Stephen and family, then on to the USA.

Welcome to Missouri

This is the famous arch in near down town St Louis. The reason that we are going through St Louis, rather than around it, is that I had missed a turnoff. Traffic was good and we did get to see this arch as well as Busch Stadium as we went through. Shirley got this shot as we were passing through.

On to Pablo and Beth Stearns ( now Pastor Paul and Beth)

This shows a tame deer near our camper as we were parked at Paul and Beth's house in Carthage, Missouri. Paul has just accepted a pastorate at a church there and they live in a house on the Precious Moments property, a big industry here in Carthage. We spent nine days here, had some great fellowship, met some new Christians, enjoyed a pot luck, a men's breakfast, attended a Bible study and two church services and, as a bonus, got to spend time with some friends that we had met in Mexico. The Stearns were the house parents at the boys home at Rancho Maranatha. Refer to our first few years and the Stearns from our main menu for more on this family.

Precious Moments Fountain with inset Welcome Sign

This is the entrance to the Precious Moments Chapel Center. We toured here for a while, as well as some other parts of this complex. It has a wedding chapel, RV park, tour buses, swans, picnic areas, and a shipping and receiving building. There are, of course, opportunities to buy their products. All in all, it has a very much fairy land sort of feel to it.

The Potter Working the Clay

Beth and her children gave us a tour of the town, which has many antique and speciality shops in it. This is a potter (actually the potter's son, who works at this in his spare time) who was throwing his largest work to date. This will end up to be a large bowl. He carefully explained the process to me. I was able to tell him how I was the clay in the Master's hands and how someday He would be finished working on me and throw me into the kiln to pass through the fire to purify me and put the finishing glaze on.
Romans 9:20
No, but, O man, who are you who replies against God? Shall the thing formed say to Him who formed it, Why have you made me this way? ........Does not the potter have power over the clay...... and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy which He had before prepared to glory;

On to Dripping Springs, Texas

A bit further down the road we get to Dripping Springs, Texas. It is located just outside Austin in the Texas hill country. This is the home of Henry and Millie Ellis, who summer in Port Maitland / Cedar Lake. This picture was actually taken last fall as we were on our way home, and shows our camper parked in their private RV park, complete with water, power and dump. The barn also has an apartment in it where we could get a shower. We had a couple of relaxing days here, then it was the push to the Mexican border.

The Sign in a Rest Area in Arizona

This is the same rest area that we stopped at in previous years. We tried to show the hugh rocks here, but never can seem to get the feel of this place. This year I thought that I would show you this sign, not one of those Kodak moments; but, interesting all the same. It does encourage one to keep alert when stepping out of the truck in these areas. I don't know which is worse, this beware sign or the one on Roanoke Island, North Carolina that says beware of snakes and alligators.
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