Into Mexico - Rancho Maranatha
Return to Larry & Shirley's Mexico Mission 2002 - 2003

One of the shrines along the highway
More roadside scenery
Greenhouse complex near the road
Shacks along the highway
Mission on a hilltop
Charley and Josh with part of our day's work
The outside of the new building to house missionaries or pastors
The contractor working on the ouside of the building
Shirley and Sherry Archibald, the twins
Sherry in her office
Charley, Renee, Sherry and Shirl outside Sherry's home
Sherry's home showing the bougenvallia
Sherry's home and the home of her helpers
Sherry's helpers in her front courtyard
Truck selling watermelons and handmade wooden chairs
A shot of our diner stop
Charley's rig at the lunch stop
The restaurant at the rest stop
The large San Carlos sign on entering the city
The mountains as seen from the Church yard
A mountain top home near San Carlos - Guaymas
The view from our church yard camp site
The yachts in the bay at San Carlos
The view from the cliffs at the San Carlos lookoff
Another view from the cliffs at the San Carlos lookoff
Yet another view from the cliffs at the San Carlos lookoff
The crowd posing for a picture outside the Guaymas church that we worked at
A Mexican cowboy driving cattle along the road
A typical Mexican fence along the road
Our camp site at Rancho Maranatha
A combination tree / cactus that is near our camper
Pictures of the camp area beside what will soon be the boy's house
Epistle to our friends from Rancho Maranatha

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