Return to Maranatha Missionaries and Back In Canada

Hello to all from cold and rainy Nova Scotia,

We thank God we travelled the 7000km home without anymore of a mishap than a lost airconditioner cover and a blown tire on the trailer.

When we left the ranch I thought what a long trip it was going to be and how could I face it another year. Well we arrived home April 2nd and today is the 24th and I am ready to start back already. But it will be a while for we need to be in Port Maitland for the summer to prepare for the winter in Maranatha.

We need to share our experiences with people and try to get across to them how different the two cultures are and how fortunate they are to have a roof over their heads and jobs and food on the table. This is so hard to explain when you have not been where we have been or seen what we have seen.

We want to thank all the Missionaries at Maranatha for having us back for another year and putting up with Larry's jokes and my complaining about the heat when it got over 80 degrees. We want to thank them for all their love shown to us and the atmosphere that we live in for the winter. It can only be experienced to be understood. We love and miss you all.

If God is willing we will be returning in October and continuing with the typing and office practice lessons with the children and anything else we can do to help.

In the meantime we will enjoy our summer with our friends in Canada. We are so fortunate as I told the girls that God has given us two homes and great friends in both.

May God bless you
Serving Him in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada
Larry and Shirley Stephens