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Introduction to The Camp

A Road in the Campground

This is a scene with the campground. There are many camps, of various sizes, shapes, colours and vintages. Most are basic with open wooden walls, basic power, with a few having running water. Note the large hemlocks that dominate the grounds. Parking is provided away from the camps for those who bring their vehicles. Any vehicles showing in the camp area are there to load or unload people and supplies.

Another road at Ashram

This is another general scene in this old meeting place. Some of these structures date back well over one hundred years. It also has an outdoor meeting place and a covered meeting place, a dining hall, Christian book shop, prayer chapel, that is continuous for the days that we were there. Volunteers pray twenty four hours a day for the entire time, this year being from Saturday until the following Thursday. There is also a dining hall and a Camp ground for campers.

The inside of one Camp

This is the inside of the camp the boys who volunteered with the intermediate youth stayed in, also where we held our team meetings. It does have a loft for sleeping, as well as a large size refrigerator, most have the loft, very few the refrigerator.

Shirley relaxing at our camp site

This is Shirley, relaxing at our camp site. It had full water, power, and electric. The best thing it had was shade, as it was pretty warm during this week.

Ashram Grace

This is a photo of the Ashram grace. This is sung as the dining room is packed just before each meal. It's tune is to Oh Christmas Tree, and is quite a neat way to start each meal. We were privileged to be able to dine in the hall each day, as part of the intermediate youth team. Servers are volunteer in this dining room, sometimes we were served by members of our youth group.
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